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We are passionate about pioneering solutions that not only build but also deeply connect with audiences and fans across the globe. Our suite of services is meticulously designed to enhance how sports and entertainment are experienced, making every event not just a viewing but an engaging interaction. Whether through Immersive Replays that enrich each highlight, Immersive Sports Telestrators that transform commentary, or Sports Altcasts that diversify broadcasting, our goal is to create meaningful, memorable connections.

Immersive Replays in Action

Immersive Replays

Experience sports highlights like never before with our Immersive Replays solution. This unique offering enhances each replay by incorporating detailed sports analytics and health and safety data, making each moment not only thrilling but also informative. Tailored for immersive viewing, these replays can be enjoyed in XR headsets, offering a new level of engagement and insight, both for coaches seeking to improve team performance and fans wanting a deeper connection to the game.

Immersive Sports Telestrator

Elevate your sports broadcasting with our Immersive Sports Telestrator solution, a cutting-edge approach to replay commentary. This solution transforms traditional 2D replay markups into a dynamic 3D experience, allowing sports announcers to illustrate and enhance key moments of the game in three dimensions. This not only enriches the viewer's understanding but also creates a more engaging and interactive way for fans to connect with the action and the insights provided by their favorite commentators.

Immersive Sports Telestrator
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