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Skyrim Atlas is an all-encompassing platform designed to transform sports experiences through cutting-edge technology and AI-driven insights. Whether deployed as a mobile system for temporary events or installed permanently in venues, Skyrim Atlas provides unparalleled value to coaches, fans, teams, and other stakeholders. This scalable system is suitable for venues of all sizes, from intimate settings to large stadiums. With seamless OTT integration and a versatile SDK, Skyrim Atlas ensures that immersive sports experiences are accessible on any device, bringing fans closer to the action than ever before.

1. Free Camera Movement

Experience sports like never before with our immersive camera movement technology. This feature allows viewers to follow the action from unique angles, providing a dynamic and engaging viewing experience that brings fans closer to the game. Leveraging a single capture system, Skyrim Atlas offers multiple outputs, including free movement cameras, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for various setups, from intimate venues to large stadiums.

2. Game Analytics

Harness the power of real-time sports data with Skyrim Atlas. Track and analyze critical game metrics such as ball speed, successful three-throws, player movements, and more. These insights provide valuable information for coaches, teams, and analysts, enhancing performance and strategy. Our system integrates data from multiple sources, including third-party capture systems, ensuring comprehensive analytics.

3. Player Health and Safety

Prioritize the well-being of athletes with comprehensive health and safety monitoring. Skyrim Atlas provides real-time data on player conditions, helping to prevent injuries and ensure optimal performance. Coaches and medical teams can make informed decisions based on accurate health metrics. Our system's integration with motion capture data allows for detailed analysis and insights into player movements and health.

4. Brand Analytics

Maximize sponsorship and advertising opportunities with detailed brand analytics. Skyrim Atlas tracks brand visibility and engagement during live broadcasts, providing valuable data to sponsors and partners. This ensures that brands receive the exposure they need, optimizing their investment in sports events. Our content management system ensures that all data is organized and accessible, making it easy to generate valuable insights.

5. 3D Effects

Transform ordinary sports footage into visually stunning content. With advanced stylization capabilities, Skyrim Atlas enables the creation of customized, branded experiences tailored to specific audiences. This feature enhances fan engagement by making the content more appealing and interactive. Our AI-driven editing allows for highlights and personalized experiences, ensuring content is engaging and relevant.

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