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Our Suite of Tools

Our suite of innovative tools that transform the sports viewing experience with personalized replays and highlights. Comprised of three core products—Skyrim Studio, Skyrim Cloud, Skyrim Arena, and Skyrim Player—it allows fans to explore game moments from new angles, enhanced with data overlays and interactive features. This suite caters to a broad audience, making every sports moment a customizable and engaging experience for both avid and casual fans alike, revolutionizing media and entertainment consumption.    

Skyrim Studio

Our Skyrim Studio User Interface

Skyrim Studio is a powerful suite of tools designed for networks, broadcasters, sports teams, and leagues to redefine the art of creating sports highlights. With Skyrim Studio, customization and data analytics integration into sports replays are not just added features—they're at the core of what makes every piece of content unique and engaging.

Advanced Editing Suite

Innovative Reconstruction Tools

Automated Replays

Skyrim Cloud

Skyrim Cloud is a revolutionary platform designed to streamline the publishing of immersive sports experiences while acting as a comprehensive CRM tool. This platform not only simplifies the distribution of volumetric content but also enhances the relationship between creators, broadcasters, and their audiences through intelligent data management and interaction insights.

Seamless Publishing

Integrated CRM Capabilities

Multi-layered Edge Security

Our Skyrim Cloud User Interface
Skyrim Arena Example

Skyrim Arena

Skyrim Arena is crafted to seamlessly capture and elevate sports and entertainment content to new heights. Distinctively designed to adapt rather than conform, Skyrim Arena redefines the traditional boundaries of content capture with its unparalleled flexibility and mobility.​

Comprehensive Capture Solution

Mobile Installations

Versatile Configuration

Skyrim Player

Skyrim Player revolutionizes fan engagement by providing a uniquely immersive viewing experience of sports content. This avant-garde platform not only streams volumetric video in high quality but also packages it as a Software Development Kit (SDK), ensuring seamless integration and compatibility across a multitude of devices. From smartphones and tablets to the latest VR and AR headsets, Skyrim Player guarantees that fans have access to captivating 3D action, no matter their device of choice.

Cross-platform SDK

Interactive and Personalized Viewing

3rd Party Integrations

Example of ou Skyrim Player
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