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Personalized Immersive Sports Replays: The new second screen experience

Updated: Apr 25

Life size basketball player dunking the ball in the room

Introducing Immersive Sports Replays

Imagine being able to experience sports replays not just from the angle shown on TV but from any perspective you desire, complete with additional data and personalized features. This innovative concept allows fans to interact with and view highlights from angles tailored to their preferences, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. Using technologies like volumetric video capture, platforms like Skyrim Atlas deliver these personalized replays directly to your devices, offering everything from 3D experiences on VR headsets to 2D highlights perfect for social media sharing.

The Evolution of Second Screen Technology

Second screen technology initially emerged to enhance the viewing experience with supplementary content on a separate device while watching a primary display. Notably, our team pioneered the world's first second screen application, BD Touch, announced at NAB 2008. However, it became clear that viewers preferred to use their second screens for social interaction, such as sharing moments via platforms like Twitter. This insight has guided the evolution of second screen experiences toward more interactive and communal features, mirroring broader fan engagement trends where technology integration plays a crucial role in enhancing the fan experience[1].

The Future of Second Screen: Personalized and Shared Immersive Experiences

Basketballer the shurnk down to be able to dunk on a coffee table.

The integration of immersive sports replays into social sharing represents the new wave of second screen experiences. As the use of XR headsets grows and becomes more mainstream, the demand for richer, more engaging content will skyrocket. Fans can now watch a game highlight from the best seat in the house and share that unique perspective with friends or on social media, enhancing the communal joy of fandom. This approach aligns with current fan engagement strategies that emphasize active participation and diverse engagement modes across different media platforms[1].

Our Vision: Enhancing Connection and Engagement

Our mission with Skyrim Atlas is to transform how sports broadcasters, leagues, and teams connect with fans. By integrating our immersive replay SDK into existing OTT platforms, we aim to provide seamless experiences that bridge traditional broadcasts with innovative, interactive content. Our technology enables fans to not only watch but also interact with sports in ways previously impossible, fostering a deeper connection with the game and with each other. This strategic integration highlights the potential for commercial applications of immersive sports replays, providing new revenue streams and enhanced fan engagement opportunities[1].

Embracing a New Era of Sports Entertainment

As we continue to innovate and expand our capabilities, our focus remains on enhancing the fan experience by leveraging our volumetric video technology to its fullest potential. The shift toward immersive and personalized content is not just about watching sports; it's about experiencing them in a whole new way. With Skyrim Atlas, we're not just spectators; we're participants in the action, reshaping the landscape of sports entertainment for the digital age.

Check out our our Immersive Sports Replay Solution to learn more and to contact us.


[1]: Insights from the "Power of Fandom" report by Amazon Ads and Variety Intelligence Platform.

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